Grow your online sales

Sell your products easily in multiple channels. Keep your inventory updated in defferent channels automatically. Centry is the leading omnichannel software.

  • Increase your sales
  • Save time
  • Work efficiently
  • Avoid mistakes


It was never so easy to sell in multiple channels as it is now with Centry

Add easily new marketplaces.

Connect to multiple marketplaces and increase the visibility of your products. Reach millions of customers looking for your products.

Synchronize automatically your inventory.

Doesn´t matter how many marketplaces you are using. Any purchase in any channel will update the inventory stock everywhere.

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Add new products immediately.

Update your products in your online store and the changes will appear in all your integrated marketplaces.

Centralize your orders.

With Centry you don´t need to login into each marketplace to take care of orders. Manage everything from one place, Centry.


"Centry has allowed me to automatize my sale processes and increase my sales through different points of sale. Centry is now an indispensable tool for my business"

"With Centry we have integrated our systems and now we sell automatically in different platforms, saving time and effort and keeping better control over our sales."

Increase visibility and your sales with Centry