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Worldwide Delivery

Centry has the best agreements with the main couriers and delivery providers. This will allow your business deliver at a 25% to 60% of current costs.

Take advantage of the benefits that Centry offers with our Market Places partners and sell in different countries from your country of origin. Internationalize your business quickly and easily without large operating costs.


Centry provides your business simple tools to automatize the management of your sales. You can manage orders fast and easy with each one of your marketplaces. Integrate your inventory to the largest Marketplaces in Latam and the world.

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Wholesales and retail sales

Open your Wholesales and retail sales channel. Access the main wholesaleand retail buyers in the worldwith just a click away, with Centry you can globalize your company from your contry.


With Centry you increase your sales like never befor by promoting your products in multiple sites in a simple way. Keep your inventory updated automatically on each of these sites without any effort.

Centry is the leading omnichannel software in Chile, we have the largest number of Market Place connections in Hispanic America. Keep your company at the forefront working with us.

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Social Networks

Connect your brand on social networks and attract new customers at all times, at Centry we attach great importance to your customers live a comprehensive online shopping experience, helping you to communicate with your customers through our tools and partners companies that will personally advise you.